lovesport爱博体育 in 德国 is a leading provider of professional services across buildings, 环境与新能源. We partner with international clients to deliver critically important projects throughout the country, connecting unrivalled expertise from around the world with our in-depth local knowledge to anticipate and solve their most complex challenges.

An established presence, lovesport爱博体育 has been active in 德国 for more than 30 years.  

感谢我们的全球影响力, 我们当地的建筑, 工程和环境专业知识, and our long-standing relationships with international clients, 我们被信任交付一些最复杂的任务, sensitive and critically important projects across the country. 

贯穿整个项目生命周期, we bring the full scope of our digital and sustainability expertise to all that we do. Our people collaborate across disciplines and with colleagues in other countries – particularly in Europe – on projects that span energy infrastructure, 环境、社会和治理合规, 建筑工程, 体系结构, 环境服务以及建筑和设计, 如: 

  • 解决环境中的“永久化学物质” 
    经过多年的研究和经验, we’re recognised leaders in detecting and remediating PFAS contamination, as well as navigating the increasingly complex regulatory landscape around these chemicals.
  • 建设绿色能源高速公路 
    We’ve collaborated with colleagues in the UK and The 荷兰 on the planning phase of a substantial new avenue in the global energy net工作: The NeuConnect power link. More than 700 kilometres of high-voltage undersea cable will connect for the first time two of Europe’s biggest energy markets, 德国和英国, 建成后将加强欧洲的能源安全. 
  • 支持ESG路线图 
    We’re partnering with clients to manage escalating complexity in the ESG space. We help clients stay compliant by tracking and disclosing ESG performance, while our advice gives them a realistic picture of ESG risks. 同时, we 工作 on practical solutions for meeting decarbonisation goals and managing climate risks. 
  • 数字化交付可持续建筑  
    When it comes to the built environment – be that residential, 办公室, warehouses or industrial facilities – we support our clients in several key ways: through our BIM and digital delivery expertise; our ability to help them meet – or even surpass – local building standards and ESG regulations; as well as the range of services that we can bring to each project from 体系结构 and MEP to sprinkler 设计 and fire engineering. 
  • 改善军人生活 
    We’re improving the quality of life for service personnel and their families throughout 德国, 设计ing new and refurbished leisure 和培训ing facilities, schools and homes which underpin communities w在这里 military personnel live, 工作, 和培训.


通过加入德国lovesport爱博体育, you’ll become part of a well-respected business that has ambitious plans for growth.  

You’ll also join a close-knit and supportive community 工作ing from multiple locations across 德国. We value our Freedom to Grow initiative, which supports 工作 flexibility among our employees.   

专业, you’ll get the chance to contribute your skills and ideas, collaborate with teams globally and support our shared mission to deliver a better world.  

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We can help you achieve your ESG goals, turning ambitions into action.



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As trusted advisors, we support clients on their digital journey.


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