From transportation and ground engineering to water and renewable energy, we partner with private and public sector clients across India to solve their most complex challenges. Whether that means improving infrastructure to connect remote communities or creating smarter, greener, more liveable cities, we are driven by a common goal to make India a better place.

As the world’s fastest-growing economy, India is in urgent need of infrastructure that can keep pace. To solve this, we are proud to be playing a key role in bringing India’s largest infrastructure projects to life – responsibly, ethically and sustainably.  

Our work is helping create a more connected India. To date, we have supported the construction of over 11,000 kilometres of highway as well as metro rail projects in 12 cities, six airports and 14 seaports. All these projects both strengthen existing networks and connect communities.   

Drawing on expertise across multiple disciplines, our guidance has helped our clients navigate extreme topographical challenges while building the Chenab Bridge – part of a railway linking Kashmir to the rest of India for the first time. The Kochi Water Metro Project, which we supported, connects 10 islands and will benefit more than 100,000 islanders. And in Mumbai, our specialists are helping deliver India’s first fully underground metro network.   

In addition, we’re leading smart city projects across India – including Dholera, the country’s largest greenfield smart city, and the rapidly growing Vishakhapatnam (also known as Vizag) – harnessing technology to create more efficient and liveable environments.   

Elsewhere, our work is providing a blueprint for sustainable architecture. We have overseen the design and execution of more than 67 LEED-certified projects. From leading the design and construction of the India International Convention and Expo Centre in New Delhi, a world-class facility which meets the Platinum rating criteria from the Indian Green Building Council, to helping organisations reduce their environmental impact, we are creating sustainable legacies for future generations.  

Where in India is AECOM based?

Headquartered in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, AECOM in India has more than 4,000 employees in five regional and project offices, including Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore.   

Our reach in the region ensures a deep understanding of the individual needs of communities – both within and beyond the peripheries of India’s cities – and positions us well to assess solutions and respond effectively.  

Why work for AECOM in India? 

Join us and you’ll become a part of our global community, adding your technical expertise, passion and drive to deliver projects that create a positive and tangible impact.   

Click to discover career opportunities across India.  

Recognised for our leadership  

AECOM is proud to be recognised for our leadership, including our No. 1 ranking by Fortune as the World’s Most Admired Company in our industry for the tenth consecutive year.  


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